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When it comes to saving money, we’re all on the lookout for anything new that might help us keep a few extra dollars in our pocket. What if there was a way that you could add extra security to your home, something that we all appreciate, and save money at the same time? There is, and it’s something that you’ve probably heard of in the past but never took advantage of because you just weren’t sure how it worked. You can get a significant savings on your homeowners or renters insurance policy just by adding a monitored security system to your home. Just how much could you save? That depends on your insurance provider and some specific information about your policy, but many people save an average of 15-20%. That could mean hundreds of dollars per year that you’re no longer putting in a check and mailing to the insurance company.

What are the requirements?

    While the requirements for a qualifying system vary by insurance provider, there are some factors that are important to most companies.

  • The system is monitored. Why is this important? Insurance companies know that an un-monitored security system is nothing more than a loud alarm. With monitoring they know that someone will be notified immediately if there is an issue, increasing the security and reducing the risk, and allowing them to lower your rate.
  • The system is connected. Why is this important? It might seem obvious that your system needs to be connected (via Wi-Fi, Cellular Connection, Phone Line, etc.) in order to be monitored, but even if your insurance company doesn’t require monitoring for a discount they are going to want your system to talk to someone, somewhere. You might have a self-monitored system that alerts you via text message or with an app, or you might get an automated phone call letting you know something is happening back at your home that needs your attention. The bargain big-box units that only make a loud noise likely won’t be enough for your insurance provider to offer you anything in return.
  • The system has entry and motion sensors. Why is this important? You might have seen new systems on the market that are basically just rotating cameras with a connected app. That’s pretty neat if you’d like to watch a video of the burglars ransacking your home, but it’s not particularly great for scaring them off or alerting the authorities. There are real reasons why a camera system makes a great addition to any security system, but as a standalone solution they aren’t that helpful. Insurance companies prefer systems with sensors connected back to a base station that relays the type of issue to the user or monitoring team.

What Should You Do?

Reach out to your insurance provider to see what kind of discount you could get and what their requirements are for a suitable system. If possible, get written copies of the information to keep on hand while you search for a new security solution. Look for security systems that meet or exceed the requirements of your insurance provider. With just a few simple steps you could be well on your way to saving money and living more securely. To help out with your search, here are some links to popular insurance providers information pages on policy discounts:

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